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Welcome to Channel Express Virtual
Our virtual airline is based on the operations of the real world airline of the same name, before its renaming to in 2006, we also offer our pilots the opportunity to fly for other airlines of the Dart Aviation Group if that is their wish.
We prefer a not to serious approach to our hobby, and so we have minimal rules and there is no hidden terms and conditions, you simply enjoy your hobby and make new friends if that is want to do ? your choice.
We use the Kacars flight tracking & pirep reporting system for logging our flight times which can be viewed on the home page flight map, for those who wish to use it, which is free and available for download in the downloads page or can also be sent direct via email if required. we also use a manual pirep reporting system is also available for those who would rather use that, all flights can all be booked via the schedules page which is easy and straight forward to use, just find the airline you wish to fly for and book your flight.
We offer realistic passenger and cargo flight's, which include both domestic / International and one or two transatlantic services for those who like long Haul flights.
We make no claim to be the best virtual airline, nor would we wish to be, we are what we are take it or leave it, however if you would like to learn more about the many aspects of Channel Express Virtual, Please feel free to browse the website using the links above and If you think this Airline is for you, Then Why not Join us today ?

Brian Mason
Managing Director
Channel Express Virtual

Latest Forum Posts

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Current Operations

Live Flight Board

Icon Flight Departure Arrival Aircraft Status
EXS921A EGNM HESH B737-800 Arrived
SAT900 KEWR KMCI MD11F Taxiing to Gate
GSM6001 LEMH EGPF B737-800 Arrived
SAT820 KFLL KEWR B757-200F Arrived

Flight Bids

Flight Number
Pilot Name
Tail No.
Flight Time
SAT901 KMCI KPHX Bill Kirkham MD11F N108CE 2.3 Hours
CE219 DAAG EGBB Terry Garvey B757-200 G-CEMP 3 Hours
EXS967 EGNM HEGN Robert Hopkins B737-800 G-GDFF 5.5 Hours
LS057 LGAV LLBG Iain Roberton A300-200F G-CEXC 1.3 Hours
LS056 EDDM LGAV Iain Roberton A300-200F G-CEXC 2 Hours
LS023N EGJJ EGHH Dean Humphreys F27-500 G-CEXB 1.3 Hours

Lastest Arrivals

Flight Departure Arrival Duration Pilot Landing Rate Status
SAT900KEWRKMCI02.47SAT0122 Bill Kirkham-219 ft/m Accepted
GSM6001LEMHEGPF02.57CA0164 Roger Pilgrem-268 ft/m Accepted
SAT803KSDFKEWR01.25SAT0122 Bill Kirkham-421 ft/m Accepted
SAT820KFLLKEWR02.38SAT0089 Nico Schroder-63 ft/m Accepted
GSM6000EGPFLEMH03.15CA0164 Roger Pilgrem-267 ft/m Accepted
EXS921AEGNMHESH05.43EXS0073 Peter Scott-397 ft/m Accepted
EI0813VHHHVIDP5.03EI0063 Puneet Mathur Not Recorded Accepted
EI0812VIDPVHHH4.32EI0063 Puneet Mathur Not Recorded Accepted
GSM6028EGPFCYYZ06.57SAT0122 Bill Kirkham Not Recorded Accepted
GSM6032EGPFKMCO05.41SAT0122 Bill Kirkham-276 ft/m Accepted
Stratos adds MD11F to fleet

Posted by Bill Kirkham on 10/23/16

Stratos adds MD11F to the fleet with routes across the US from Newark to west coast and Alaska. Enjoy the flying.

Stratos Caribbean

Posted by Bill Kirkham on 08/19/16

Stratos has acquired a Dash8-Q400 and has been refurbished and reregistered and now sports a fresh new colour, specially for the Caribbean. the aircraft fly out of Barbados and Jamaica, most of the routes are less than 1 hour but some around 2 hours. I hope you enjoy flying this aircraft into some amazing airports on the islands. Bill.


Posted by Brian Mason on 08/17/16

Good Day All

As you all know the Bournemouth hub has been set up to relive the early days of Channel Express using the aircraft of that time.

On reflectionSo I feel that maybe some of these old ones can be done away with, but we will keep the ones that are currently assigned to the flight schedules.

However we will now be moving Bournemouth back up to present day operations using the more modern aircraft currently at our disposal.

So we will be operating both Old and Modern together I think it will enhance the overall effect of the airport and hopefully will encourage more flights to be flown from there.


New Tour Added

Posted by Bill Kirkham on 06/30/16

We have just added a tour of European cities, you can choose what aircraft you want to fly, flight times are all less than 3 hours and Approximate times as it will vary pending on what you choose to fly.

We hope you enjoy this fun tour.

Pilot of the Month & Landing R

Posted by Brian Mason on 06/28/16

Good Day All

As per the forum post, The Pilot Of the Month Award has now been abolished, As to has the Lowest Landing Rate

However I will continue to make notes on the Monthly Stats and the award will still be added to your pilot records which I keep.

As I feel that the Pilot Of The Year can continue and these Monthly records will continue to be used for this award


Thank You



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What is Channel Express Virtual ?
We are a group of likeminded people who share a common interest.
It is a hobby that involves flight simulation using either FS2004 or FSX, some of us are flyers, some do the duties of ATC while some are both.

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