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Welcome to Channel Express Virtual
Our virtual airline is based on the operations of the real world airline of the same name, before its renaming to in 2006, we also offer our pilots the opportunity to fly for other airlines of the Dart Aviation Group if that is their wish.
We prefer a not to serious approach to our hobby, and so we have minimal rules and there is no hidden terms and conditions, you simply enjoy your hobby and make new friends if that is want to do ? your choice.
We use the Kacars flight tracking & pirep reporting system for logging our flight times which can be viewed on the home page flight map, for those who wish to use it, which is free and available for download in the downloads page or can also be sent direct via email if required. we also use a manual pirep reporting system is also available for those who would rather use that, all flights can all be booked via the schedules page which is easy and straight forward to use, just find the airline you wish to fly for and book your flight.
We offer realistic passenger and cargo flight's, which include both domestic / International and one or two transatlantic services for those who like long Haul flights.
We make no claim to be the best virtual airline, nor would we wish to be, we are what we are take it or leave it, however if you would like to learn more about the many aspects of Channel Express Virtual, Please feel free to browse the website using the links above and If you think this Airline is for you, Then Why not Join us today ?

Brian Mason
Managing Director
Channel Express Virtual

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Current Operations

Live Flight Board

Icon Flight Departure Arrival Aircraft Status
EI0804 VIDP WMKK A330-233 Taxiing to Gate

Flight Bids

Flight Number
Pilot Name
Tail No.
Flight Time
MTR222XC UTAM VECC Brian Mason A300-200F G-CEXC 4 Hours
LS105 ELLX LOWS Iain Roberton B737-300F G-CELW 1 Hours
SKN011L EGSS EGPH Steve Birchall B737-300 QC G-CELP 1.3 Hours
LS115 LIMC EGSS Iain Roberton B757-200F G-CEXF 1.3 Hours

Lastest Arrivals

Flight Departure Arrival Duration Pilot Landing Rate Status
EI0804VIDPWMKK05.18EI0009 Abhishek Gotte-241 ft/m Accepted
EI0700VOBLVOTV1.34EI0009 Abhishek Gotte Not Recorded Accepted
TFEGPHEICKEGPH02.05CE0007 Jim Hamilton-72 ft/m Accepted
GSM8018EGGPLCLK4.45CA0164 Roger Pilgrem Not Recorded Accepted
CE617LEBLEGNX03.52CA0164 Roger Pilgrem-131 ft/m Accepted
TFEGHHEICKEGHH01.31CE0007 Jim Hamilton-239 ft/m Accepted
CE617LEBLEGNX02.21CA0164 Roger Pilgrem-128 ft/m Accepted
GSM6016EGPFLMML03.49CA0164 Roger Pilgrem-90 ft/m Accepted
CA5038EICKEGAC1.09CA0164 Roger Pilgrem Not Recorded Accepted
CA5039EGACEICK00.56CA0164 Roger Pilgrem-153 ft/m Accepted
VA Down Grade

Posted by Brian Mason on 11/28/17

Good Day All

After much consideration I've decided to scale down on the number of airlines we operate and so the number of aircraft too.

Some of these will be redeployed with the remaining airlines however.

Airlines to be canceled will be Airwego Gatwick & Flyglobespam, All aircraft from these airlines will likely be stood down.

Caal Airways will take over a number of these routes and hubs.

The other Airline under consideration is Express India.

There will also be a reduction in the number of aircraft operated across the board for example aircraft like the Antononov 124's and Boeing C-17's. Looking to go for the more convenstional type frighters, like MD-11's, Triple 7's, Airbus A330 and Boeing 747-400's.

Other passenger aircraft types will also be reviewed at a later stage.

The reason's for this downscale are as follows.


After I lost all my aircraft repaints and other data I now face the prospect of doing over 200 plus repaints, I've lost 10 years worth of work, and there is no way I can ever recover all that.


Having 200 plus aircraft for only 24 pilots does seem over the top. and as only a few of these 24 pilots fly on a reugular basis.

we could quite easily get by with a fleet of just 30 or 40 aircraft.

How these will be reduced will be decided at a later stage.

Thank You to those who have shown continued support for the VA, Your time and efforts are much appreciated.

About Channel Express Virtual

What is Channel Express Virtual ?
We are a group of likeminded people who share a common interest.
It is a hobby that involves flight simulation using either FS2004 or FSX, some of us are flyers, some do the duties of ATC while some are both.

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